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Jersey Printing Singapore

Jersey t-shirt printing is one of the most requested services from our shop and it is not surprising why. A jersey shirt often serves as a uniform for various sports including basketball, volleyball, football, marathon and more. Thus, custom jersey printing in Singapore is very popular, especially for schools, recreational clubs and commercial sports teams.


Since jersey fabrics offer breathable yet quick-dry quality, it is well-loved by athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It also has a good gloss and stretch that makes it perfect for wide movements. Most of the time, an institution or company gets a custom jersey printing service to add the colour themes and logo of the team to jersey shirts that are being worn as uniforms.

Custom Jersey Printing Singapore

Jersey shirts are often used as a sports uniform in the majority of athletic activities. Today, there are several types and designs for jersey shirts that you can choose from. Long sleeves, t-shirts, sleeveless and body fit are just some of the types of jersey shirts you can find in the market nowadays. Each of them offers convenience and protection for a specific sport. For the same reason, there are custom jersey printing services available for each type of jersey. For instance, you can find a basketball jersey printing and a football jersey printing being offered in a single shop.


To find the best sports jersey printing service for the sports you are trying to make uniforms for, it is best to research the types of jerseys commonly used in that particular sport. Alternatively, you can also look for a reliable and experienced company that offers custom jersey printing services in Singapore as they are more or less familiar with the various types of jersey shirts.


What to Consider When Getting a Custom Jersey Printing Service


Getting the best out of the custom jersey printing service you avail of is essential for a worthwhile purchase. Here are some key considerations:


  • Fabric Quality

Whether you are using the traditional jersey fabric or opting for substitutes, it is crucial to look for the desired thickness and breathability.


  • Printing Service

You can get the most common silkscreen for your custom jersey printing if you are looking for cost-effective means but you may also try the heat press as well as sublimation print depending on the fabric you will use.


  • Affordability

Should you be buying bulk for a school or a whole sports team, it will be more cost-effective for you to find a shop that offers discounts or wholesale prices.


  • Time Frame

Allotting an ample amount of time for the custom jersey printing is also important to ensure that you will be able to receive your order on time. Talk to your supplier and keep posted so you can monitor your project’s progress.


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