Custom T-shirt printing services
Sample of Polo Shirt printing
Back view of polo shirt custom printing
Custom T-shirt printing services
Sample of Polo Shirt printing
Back view of polo shirt custom printing

Custom T Shirt Printing Singapore

Generic Tee Shirt Printing Singapore

We at Express Printing know how fast and dependable custom t-shirt printing can play a huge role in the completion of certain tasks to further a business or initiative. Thus, we are dedicated to delivering affordable tee shirt printing services in a timely manner without compromising the quality of the shirt as well as the prints.


A reliable t-shirt printing company in Singapore, we guarantee fast and quality results for your school PE uniforms, team building shirts or marketing materials. We also provide customer service assistance and are ready to answer our customers’ queries with regards to our services. Choose Express Printing for your tee shirt printing in Singapore today!

T-shirt Printing in Singapore

T-shirt printing in Singapore is a popular option for personalising a casual uniform, a sports team uniform, a school’s PE uniform, a shirt for marketing campaigns, shirt souvenirs and more. Many people resort to custom t-shirt printing since this opens a lot of possibilities for promoting brand awareness, achieving uniformity within a company or institution, and providing practical door gift ideas. Not to mention that custom shirts are significantly less expensive than other products or services for the same purpose.


For instance, you can get a tee shirt printing service in Singapore at a cheaper deal as compared to getting a contract for customised uniforms for your business. This idea works especially when the nature of your business doesn’t follow a traditional setup in which a formal dress code should be followed. Likewise, getting a custom t-shirt printing service is also a cost-effective way to provide your school or sports team with quality and suitable PE uniforms.


Custom shirts are an excellent choice as a marketing tool as there is a large space on it to place your marketing material. Moreover, people who wear your brand’s custom shirt will serve as a walking billboard, disseminating your message for wider campaign reach.


Corporate T-shirt Printing

How to Look for a Good T-shirt Printing Service


While there are lots of t-shirt printing services available in the market today, it is always good to check their reliability and quality of work before signing a deal. A good tee shirt printing company can provide you with all the necessary information and advice with regards to your order. It is good to opt for companies with a wide experience in their trade and those that display great customer service. You should also check for reviews and recommendations from previous customers to know the quality of work they can offer.


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