Custom Jersey Printing

Custom Printing

Our team of silkscreen artists, heat transfer operators and embroidery experts are specialized in their own trades. With our years of experience in delivering a quality custom t-shirt printing service, we have developed a wide range of techniques for producing results that will meet the client’s expectations in a given budget and project duration. If you have any questions about our printing methods for custom company shirts and other uniforms, or what type of fabric to use to meet your needs, we are happy to provide you with recommendations. Kindly reach out to us for your inquiries.

Slikscreen T-shirt printing method

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing is a t-shirt printing method that uses mould with a fine screen to transfer inks on the fabric to create various designs including logos, texts, and graphic images. Our silkscreen printing service is available for a wide range of applications including mass production of custom company shirts. Due to the direct application of the fabric paint of the shirts, silk screen printing offers print durability and is highly recommended for large quantity orders of the same design. You can also use silk screen printing for PE uniforms, team shirts and family tees.

custom embroidery tshirt


Embroidery is a form of fabric designing where coloured threads and various stitches are used to form patterns and designs including logos, company or institution’s name, tagline, and a lot more. It produces a good eye-catching result with lasting beauty that is highly preferred by many organizations and companies, especially for their uniforms. Our embroidery service is highly recommended as an alternative to corporate shirt printing since it produces a more distinct and stylish finish to corporate uniforms. This will work best on cotton polo tee shirts and caps.

digital heat press for t shirt printing

Digital Heat Press

Heat transfer is a more modern approach to t-shirt printing as it uses what we call a heat transfer machine to transfer the design to the fabric. Using this process, you can print more distinct images and be reassured that the quality of the print is exactly the same colour tone as your original design. Moreover, heat transfer service has the fastest production time among our services which can be very helpful for clients who are in need of rush printing. Heat transfer is very ideal for dry fit and cotton t-shirts and is recommended for sports uniforms and casual corporate shirt printing.

sublimation printing for custom tshirt


Sublimation Printing

Sublimation is arguably the most popular method of t-shirt printing these days. This technique uses sublimation paper, a speciality paper that can transfer the inks to the fabric in such a way that it fuses on the surface through pressure and heat. Thus, the finished product will be a smooth print that will last longer and not peel off. You can use sublimation printing in many different fabrics. However, some inks might not be visible when infused in certain shirt colours, especially the darker shades.


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