Graphic T-shirts are widely used to exhibit your brand, a cool print, or a trendy logo; as a result, they are great for graphic designers and illustrators who want to wear and show off their own art.


Not only can the colour combination of your shirt make custom T-shirt printing exciting, but the limitless possibilities to choose whatever art or logo also means that you can own a unique piece of fabric conceived from your own artistic vision. Wearing a custom graphic t-shirt is comfortable, casual, and broadly used for everyday wear, in addition, it accentuates your style and personality. However, it can also be quite frustrating when you notice that the ink on your shirt is cracking. This often happens in a hot and humid country like Singapore, where the climate can be detrimental to the lifespan of your graphic t-shirt. This article explores several ways to prolong your custom t-shirts’ prints.


Turn the T-shirt Inside Out Before Washing Custom t-shirt printing in Singapore


Turn the T-shirt Inside Out Before Washing


Turning your T-shirt inside out can efficiently increase its lifespan, preventing the colours from quickly fading away. This also minimises the amount of friction against your shirt’s ink caused by buttons, zippers, and various sharp objects that can be found in other articles of clothing inside the washing machine. Without the extra protection, the ink risks being loosened and flakes over time. Moreover, by refraining from washing your graphic t-shirt with the ink exposed, preserving its design and colours is made possible, protecting them against the harsh washing process. These effects can also be mitigated by investing in high-quality tee shirt printing in Singapore.


Only Wash it with Cold Water  t-shirt printing in Singapore


Only Wash it with Cold Water


Although hot water is typically a good option when it comes to removing stains, it’s counterproductive when you’re washing your graphic t-shirt, as hot water causes the ink to dry, shrink, and eventually crack. Because of that, we recommend refraining from washing your graphic t-shirt with hot water, or even warm water. Ultimately, colder temperatures work best, as the lower the temperature, the longer your graphic t-shirts will last. Here at Express Printing, we offer reliable t-shirt printing in Singapore using ink that doesn’t crack as easily.


Take Note of the Amount of Detergent You Use Custom t-shirt printing in Singapore


Take Note of the Amount of Detergent You Use


Refrain from using too much detergent on your fabric as it can eventually cause discolouration and damage your clothes, thus, shortening their life span. Follow the instructions on the packaging and use only the necessary amount of detergent when washing your graphic t-shirt as the detergent might get embedded in the fabric’s fibres.


Dry Your T-shirt Away from Direct Sunlight Custom t-shirt printing in Singapore


Dry Your T-shirt Away from Direct Sunlight


As mentioned earlier, Singapore’s heat can be quite harsh, but it also creates excellent conditions to hang your laundry under. Nevertheless, exposing your graphic t-shirt directly under the sun can cause the ink to shrink rapidly, eventually resulting in cracking. Instead, find a warm but shaded place to dry your custom t-shirts to preserve their ink without compromising their ability to dry.


In conclusion, be sure to take good care of your custom t-shirt following the tips above. If you are willing to invest in an affordable and high-quality custom t-shirt printing in Singapore, please visit our website.