Company printed t-shirts are a great way to nurture a sense of identity within the organisation and foster team spirit and camaraderie. However, it can also be an expensive endeavour, more so if the company is large. The cost of corporate t-shirt printing in Singapore can be broken down into a few key factors, and if you’re considering engaging a T-shirt printing service, it’s important to be familiar with these factors so you can tweak them accordingly to suit your company’s budget. Here are some of these considerations to take note of.


Type of Shirt


Type of Shirt Corporate T-shirt printing Singapore


There are many kinds of company printed t-shirts for you to choose from, and the price for each type, be it a round neck t-shirt, polo t-shirt, or mandarin-collared t-shirt, will differ, and quite rightly so. On the other hand, round neck t-shirts are a more affordable option just because the workmanship required is generally easier. If there isn’t a need to get collars for your company t-shirt printing, then don’t. In fact, a simple and clean look can sometimes be even more aesthetically pleasing than a more complex get-up.


Material & Quality of Shirt


Material & Quality of Shirt Corporate T-shirt printing Singapore


This is a universal rule that needs no introduction, but the material and quality of your company printed t-shirts are huge factors in the overall cost of your corporate shirt printing. While there may not be a significant difference between cotton t-shirts and dri-fit microfibre t-shirts, there will be a bigger price gap between different grades of each material. For instance, a 160gsm basic cotton t-shirt will be the cheapest cotton option, while 180gsm cotton t-shirts will cost between 10 to 20 cents per piece, and for premium cotton t-shirts, such as Gildan Premium cotton, each piece will set you back an additional $1 or more, depending on the final quantity.


Even microfibre t-shirts come in different grades — the standard eyelet dri-fit microfibre, cooltech, and the more expensive interlock dri-fit. Knowing the material and quality you want can help you shave off unnecessary additional costs in your corporate shirt printing process.


Number of Colours to Print


Number of Colours to Print Corporate T-shirt printing Singapore


The more colours you require on your company printed t-shirts, the more complex, time-consuming, and expensive the total cost would be. While we’re not suggesting you only stick to one colour, you should also consider if it’s really necessary to have so many colours on your t-shirts, or would you be happy to settle for a less complex colour combination without compromising on your desired design.


Order Quantity


Order Quantity Corporate T-shirt printing Singapore


Like most purchases, doing so in bulk can net you discounts and benefits, which is a good thing for both the t-shirt printer and the client. This is ideal for company t-shirt printing as you can probably order your company printed t-shirts in one batch to save some money, as well as time as you don’t have to go out of the way to make multiple orders.


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