Company t-shirts are a long-established tradition that originates from the 1950s. Nowadays, the demand for custom t-shirts has started to grow as firms opt to shift to a more casual dress code. Suits and ties are gradually fading out and being replaced by the more practical business t-shirts. Company representation serves as a key element when it comes to the organisation of charity activities, conferences and other events.
As such, customised company t-shirts are now the perfect apparel choice for workers to represent and advertise their company.
In this article, we will take an in-depth look at why your business should incorporate a customised t-shirt as part of its dress code and the various custom t-shirt printing methods available in Singapore. We will also share what businesses should look out for when designing their custom t-shirt and how they can choose the right t-shirt printing company to work with.


2.1. Why your company needs custom t-shirts
Regardless of company size, corporate t-shirts have become the new norm in some firms that look for internal solidarity.  Here are some reasons why you should include a customised company t-shirt as part of your business’ dress code.

  1. Representation


    Corporate identity acts as the main pulse of a company as it showcases distinctive qualities of a firm. Some businesses are easily identifiable simply by looking at the company printed t-shirts employees are wearing.


    • A walking billboard for branding


      A corporate t-shirt is just like a walking billboard for your company’s branding, increasing its visibility when employees attend meetings and appointments. Apart from potential customers, the community will also acknowledge your company through the corporate t-shirt. Branding elements including colours, logo, taglines and more can help promote your business or corporate entity, as well as your products or services. Thanks to the development of advanced printing technology complemented with user-friendly online ordering methods, corporate shirt printing has become a new highly popular marketing strategy.


    • Easily identifies who your workers are


      When employees wear corporate t-shirts with a prominently-featured logo, they will be easily recognised in a crowd. The uniqueness and distinctiveness of a company’s corporate shirt enables organisations to stand out from their rivals.


  2. Unity


    Having corporate t-shirts as part of your company’s dress code, promotes a sense of team unity among your workers. Imagine all employees wearing the same t-shirt regardless of their hierarchy in the company, it definitely empowers a greater bond, makes for easier connections and creates unity in achieving business goals. Fostering a sense of belonging in this way, perpetuates feelings of importance that allows employees to be engaged in performing daily tasks. High morale leads to enhanced productivity and ultimately a strong team spirit is developed. Custom company shirts also inspire loyalty. Employees will wear the customised corporate t-shirts proudly especially if you have cultivated your brand well.


  3. Fun


    Besides going for corporate t-shirts, you can also create customised jerseys for your employees, a more innovative and fun dress code idea. Don’t hesitate to seek help from custom jersey printing service providers in Singapore. A personalised jersey printed with your company’s logo makes for the perfect garment during company sports events and trips. Unforgettable memories are created when these custom jerseys are featured in company photos and you can even display them on your business website. On top of that, do consider involving your employees in the t-shirt designing process. This allows you to pool together different creative ideas for a unique and presentable corporate t-shirt.


2.2. What to do when designing your company t-shirt
Custom Company T-shirt checklist

  1. Determine the reason for getting a company t-shirt


    Before designing a company t-shirt, ask yourself why you are doing so. There may be a number of reasons why you need a company shirt and listing these goals will help you better understand the purpose these shirts should serve.


    • Events


      You may need to create a personalised company t-shirt as a nice memento for your partners, when hosting public or private promotional events.


    • Promotion


      Some companies make corporate t-shirts as promotional business t-shirts to be given away for free. This is one of the effective ways to introduce your brand to the public.


    • Souvenir


      Company t-shirts can be given as a souvenir for your partners, investors or clients, after they attend your company’s meetings or talks.


    • A form of internal support


      A company t-shirt unites your employees and makes them feel appreciated. A common t-shirt serves as a form of encouragement for workers to work towards the same goal set by the company.

      Employees wearing custom company T-shirts

      After figuring out your objectives of creating a company t-shirt, you may start planning for the themes, elements and traits that you wish to convey through your personalised tee shirt printing.


  2. Plan your budget, time frame and quantity in advance


    In order to avoid delays and hiccups when collaborating with your t-shirt printing vendor, making early decisions on the budget, t-shirt amount and process duration is essential.


  3. Style your t-shirt


    After planning the details of your t-shirt production, it is time to determine the design. Do consider the different aspects of your personalised t-shirt design so that you can create your very own style that suits your needs best.


    • T-shirt styles


      There are different t-shirt styles for you to choose from, including V-neck, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, polo, crew neck, and more. Go for a style that conveys your brand message in the best way, and make full use of that style.


    • Fabric


      Fabric is another crucial element that determines the outcome of your company t-shirts. The type of fabric can affect the printing of your design. Choosing the wrong fabric could result in the quality of your design being ruined. 100% cotton t-shirt fabric shows off your design colour and saves cost. If you want material that is resistant to heat, wrinkles and water, polyester and cotton t-shirt blends will be your ideal choice. Tri-blend t-shirt fabric is another great option made of three materials: rayon, cotton and polyester. The material offers a texture that feels like wool, silk, cotton, or linen.


    • Sizes


      Do prepare a spreadsheet for your employees to record the size of their t-shirts. For some who are not sure about their size, it is advisable to obtain a sizing chart from the vendor to check the most suitable sizes. Be mindful to plan this beforehand as each t-shirt printing company may have different t-shirt size measurements.

      Custom T-Shirt Printing Size Chart

    • Colours


      Your company’s philosophy and representation are some of the first things to consider when choosing a colour scheme for your company t-shirt. Afterall, this can influence your target audience’s perception of your brand.


      Shirt colours- Decide on the colour of your garment first and ensure colour availability with your t-shirt vendor. If you have doubts regarding suitable colours to use, darker hues such as navy blue and black are safe options. These colours are also great for masking dirt and stains.


      Ink colours- You can choose either a single ink colour or a colour combination to represent your brand. Before deciding on one, consider the nature of your business. For instance, if you are the owner of a childcare nursery, you may need arrays of vivid ink colours on your t-shirt to reflect the playfulness and liveliness of your business. On the other hand, some companies may prefer the concept “less is more”, choosing neutral, muted tones to accentuate professionalism. In addition, minimising colour choices help you save on budget.


      Other colouring details- Some corporate t-shirt printing services in Singapore offer halftones design style – the addition of varying tones of a single colour. Basically, halftones enhance the definition, contrast and depth of existing colours used on the t-shirt design.


    • Fonts


      Selecting the right fonts helps you to showcase your company and brand well. It influences how your business is perceived. Font readability and legibility is key and should be taken into account before thinking about design. There are different types of fonts available for use on your personalised t-shirt, but the majority of companies will go for Serif fonts as they offer a more formal or traditional look.


  4. Find your best designer


    Leverage the skills, experience and expertise of a designer by outsourcing the work to a specialist. Make sure ideas are well communicated, allowing both you and your designer’s artistic vision to align. When selecting a designer, consider their expertise, style and personal traits. You can even work with multiple designers at one go.


  5. Final assessment


    Now you have reached the last step of the process: evaluating the final work submitted by your designer. Preparing a few other variations for side-by-side comparisons may make it easier to choose your desired design.


2.3. Custom t-shirt printing methods available in Singapore

In this part of the guide, we will take a deep dive into various custom tee shirt printing methods available in Singapore.


  1. Silkscreen printing


    This is a t-shirt printing method that utilises mould with a fine screen to transfer inks on the fabric to create texts, logos, graphic images and other designs. The first step in this printing process is to create a ‘screen’. Ink is then poured onto the “screen”, while a rubber blade forces the ink past the threads of the mesh board and imprints your design onto the substrate. Each colour has to be applied one at a time by using a different screen.


    There are 6 types of silkscreen printing:


    • Spot Colour Printing
    • Duo-tone Printing
    • CMYK Printing
    • Simulated Process Printing
    • Half-tone Printing
    • Gray-scale Printing




    • Durable
    • High quality
    • Great for mass tee shirt printing
    • Fast results if a single design is used




    • Too complicated for small quantities
    • Not suitable for complex designs
    • More expensive


  2. Embroidery


    Compared to normal printing where designs are printed directly onto the fabric, embroidery is a form of fabric designing that uses coloured threads and various stitches to create patterns and designs, such as tagline, logos, company’s name, and more. T-shirt printing companies usually perform this on thicker apparels like polo t-shirts. You can choose from either single or multi-coloured tones when stitching your customised image on your t-shirt.




    • Durable
    • Suited for fleece and heavy cotton
    • Allows for multiple colours in one design at no additional cost
    • High-quality




    • More expensive than printing
    • Not suited for small, intricate designs, very large designs, or gradient designs


  3. Heat transfer printing


    This is a more modern approach to t-shirt printing as it uses a heat transfer machine to transfer the design to the fabric. The heat transfer technology helps to produce full-coloured custom t-shirt printing at affordable prices for small quantity orders. Firstly, your design will be printed onto a special type of industry-grade printing paper. Then, it will be transferred to the t-shirt by using a heat press machine. Heat transfer printing helps to create a nice, soft feel to your t-shirts.


    There are two examples of heat transfer printing:


    • Vinyl Heat Transfer


      This printing method is carried out with the aid of a heat press machine. A unique vinyl paper is used to print designs onto apparels. A design is placed on the shirt after it is cut and weeded in coloured vinyl. Heat is then used to transfer the picture. Class t-shirt or sportswear printing should apply this method, allowing individual names and numbers to be showcased more clearly. The finishes range from Matte to Glitter, while Flock and other specialised variations can also be produced. Prints are long-lasting with a natural look based on the apparel’s material.


    • Digital Heat Transfer


      One main difference between vinyl heat transfer and digital heat transfer is that the latter uses regular transfer papers, preferably inkjet, to print. Both methods deploy a heat press machine to produce printing. Nonetheless, digital heat transfer does not include the process of cutting the design out.




      • Fast production time
      • Economical option for small quantities of personalised t-shirt printing
      • High-quality reproductions of the design




      • Does not work well on darker materials
      • Cannot be used on fabrics that are sensitive to high heat


  4. Sublimation printing


    (i) The design will be printed onto a special transfer paper by deploying sublimation inks. (Sublimation ink is unique because it can convert solids to gases without going through a liquid form)


    (ii) The design will be transferred from the special paper onto the t-shirt through a heat press.


    By using sublimation printers, images produced for personalised t-shirt will display continuous tones of colours that physically blend together. The finished product is a long-lasting smooth print that will not peel off.




    • Suitable for large designs
    • Ideal for multi-coloured designs
    • Long-lasting results




    • Only works on light fabrics
    • It can be expensive if you only have a small quantity ordered
    • Does not cover all areas of the t-shirt, particularly the side seams and sleeve areas
    • Some inks may not be visible when infused in certain shirt colours



3.1. Tips for choosing the ideal custom t-shirt printing company
Tips for choosing ideal custom t-shirt printing

There are numerous t-shirt printing companies in Singapore and looking the right one can be quite the challenge. Regardless of your business nature and the type of organisation you are operating, follow the five tips below to seek the best high-quality custom t-shirt printing service at the most reasonable pricing:


  1. Service-oriented


    The first quality to look for in the right t-shirt printing company is whether it is service-oriented. Your ideal vendor should always be ready to attend to your queries throughout the service process. They should be able to explain the production details and recommend solutions tailored to your requirements.


    • Check their portfolio


      Before engaging your vendor, make sure you conduct thorough research about your preferred vendor’s portfolio to assess if their artwork aligns with your needs.


    • Read customer feedback


      Customer feedback speaks volumes about any company. Therefore, reviews are the best source to determine whether your tee shirt printing service vendor may potentially meet your expectations. Steer clear if there are many negative reviews on their websites. If the comments are mostly positive, continue researching carefully before making a decision.


  2. Quality


    Before hiring a t-shirt printing company as your vendor, evaluate their capabilities in delivering quality prints. They should also be able to accommodate your diversified needs.


    • Request for sample work


      Instead of hoping your vendor possesses the skills required to get the job done, request for samples and portfolios to get a better understanding of their abilities in executing your plans. Afterall, nobody wants to receive a final product that doesn’t even come close to the one originally imagined.


  3. Honest and ethical


    An ethical t-shirt printing company should always be upfront and recommend the best options rather than solely focusing on profitability. They must be honest in sharing the most cost-effective printing techniques that match your personal requirements. If you have chosen a certain type of printing method, the vendor should ensure a high quality output. Work progress updates ought to also be part of the process in the event of any unexpected technical issues.


  4. Offering diverse range of options


    For quality t-shirts complemented with one-of-a-kind designs, do source for vendors that offer a wide range of choices, such as jersey, cotton t-shirt and polo shirt. Your vendor should also be able to recommend the best attire that fits your needs and budget perfectly. To ensure a satisfactory final artwork, you can go for any vendor that provides various printing options to customise your specific designs and materials.


  5. Timeliness


    An ideal t-shirt printing company should be able to deliver your order in a timely manner without compromising on quality. Excellent time management is crucial to print the right quantity of t-shirts within a specific timeline. When you request for express t-shirt printing services, do confirm the completion date with the vendor so that you will be able to receive your tees on time.




Express Printing provides quick turn around service for t-shirt printing in Singapore. We offer a number of printing techniques to meet the personalised needs of customers. Read on to see what we specialise in:


  1. Silkscreen Printing


    Our silk screen printing service is available for various applications such as mass production of custom company shirts. This printing method is also suitable for team shirts, PE uniforms and family tees. Silk screen printing ensures print durability.



  2. Embroidery


    The embroidery service, an alternative to corporate t-shirt printing, is highly recommended. This method ensures the distinctiveness and stylishness of corporate uniforms. If you wish to customise cotton polo tee shirts and caps, embroidery will be your perfect choice.

    Embroidery custom t-shirts

  3. Sublimation Printing


    Our sublimation printing technique is applicable on many different fabrics. The finished product will feature a smooth and long-lasting print. Nonetheless, you should go for other printing options if you are customising shirts with darker shades, as some inks might not be seen when infused in some colours.

    Sublimation printing for custom jerseys

  4. Digital Heat Press


    Our digital heat press reassures printing quality that is identical to your initial request.Of all the services offered, this method has the fastest production time. It is suitable for dry fit and cotton t-shirts, as well as sports uniforms and casual corporate t-shirt printing.

    Digital heat press on custom t-shirts

Express Printing provides different t-shirt printing services and various types of garments for your customised corporate tees. Our resident designers will guide you through the whole process of creating your masterpiece. Call us now to find out more!